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2017 Street Glide CVO Nightmare

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It covers all SE parts from what I understand. Not just the kits


--- Quote from: BigLock on June 05, 2021, 07:50:02 PM ---Harley ESP plan does  have a screaming eagle plan that is 100.00 add on to the plan. It covers SE parts like the stage upgrade. That you added on.

--- End quote ---
Yup. When I went to renew mine there is an extra $100 CVO Tax on it as I called it.

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I have the Screamin Eagle add on and blew my 131 which they covered 100% which was awesome!

Sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having.
I have an early 2017 CVO Streetglide (Sept of '16)  and haven't had any trouble at all.

I previously owned a 2019 RGS that had the 117 Stage 3 kit installed - and it stayed in the dealership for a few months for warranty work just like you described.  It did sump as well (that was actually the second issue/stint at the dealership), the first once was somehow the cam bearing "disintegrated" and caused everything to go nuts...essentially needed a new engine.  And then (as noted) about a week later after I got it back it sumped...

Got rid of that bike, and I'm a firm believer something is up with the 117 stage 3 kits....


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