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2017 CVO limited - possible sumping oil in crankcase

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Hi Everyone - brief history.  Bike was bought used last Aug with 37K miles on it.  I just turned 48k a couple of days ago.  After I bought the bike I learned of the sumping issue on the M8s.  I've been worried about it but haven't had any issues.  I've changed the oil a couple of times and didn't really notice any issues.  I finally got around to pulling the CPS after a 2800 mile run to Florida and back to Va.  In the picture attached the black mark is how much I pulled the first time.  Again I don't believe that it had been pulled in the life of the bike.  From the mark to top level is what I got out of it after just a couple hundred miles around town.  I did buy the ESP (have had 2 tires replaced so far using it).

Bike has breather and slipons, besides that completely stock. 

I'm riding to Knoxville TN and back tomorrow, about 1200 miles round trip.  When I get back I'm taking it to the dealer.  I'm hoping there isn't any issue getting the new oil pump installed under warranty. 

Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.


Good luck on your trip. I had a long talk with my Dealer yesterday. We all know about the sumping issue. My Service manager told me he knows about them and reads about them on the forums. But he has NEVER had one come into the Dealership yet. I have a 2020 and I replaced my oil pump with a fueling oil pump a couple weeks ago for peace of mind.

I am still worried. Please keep us updated.

Be Safe


Quick update.  Got the bike to the dealership.  The tech did a great job diagnosing, more and more issues he found caused the engine to be almost completely torn down.  After going back and forth with ESP, (initially ESP wanted to fix pieces and parts), the tech made a strong case on complete engine.  ESP agreed to a complete engine swap.  Now the waiting begins.

If anyone knows, will the new engine come with any upgraded/superseded parts installed.  Spec. the new oil pump design.


This is after 49K miles.



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