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2017 CVO limited - possible sumping oil in crankcase

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Just got back from about an 80 mile ride.  Checked the oil level when I pulled back in.  Just barely on the dip stick.  I did let it idle for a couple minutes when I returned.  Pulled the sensor and it almost filled the drain pan.  So I know its as much if not more than last time, close to 2qts out of crankcase.

Back to the deal it will go.  This sucks.

Just wanted to finish up this thread with and update.

After dropping the bike back off, the mechanic was able to get right on it to figure out what was happening.  Result - the O-ring had rolled while pushing in the new oil pump.  New O-ring and bike is running great.  Rode the bike back home (about 60 miles) and dropped the sensor, NO oil out. 

Overall, I can't complain.  A bike with 49K and ESP put just shy of a new engine in my bike.  All I can say is check your own bike, dealerships are not taking the initiative to pull the sensor to see if a bike is sumping.

Ride safe everyone.

Wow what a story. Glad you didn't blow the second one up. If you want to learn more about sumping check out some of Kevin Baxter's videos. His shop (Pro Twin Performance) is in Georgia. He is sh*t hot on engines.

Ultra13 - funny you should mention Mr. Baxter.  He and I have recently exchanged emails.  Seems like a very straight up guy.  I'm sure I will visit him at some point in GA.  He does put out some great info on his Youtube channel also. 

I have the same bike with 17000 miles.  Just curious does this isssue affect every bike or only certain ones.


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