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2017 CVO limited - possible sumping oil in crankcase

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I have a late 2017 CVO Limited 117 M8. Rinehart slip ons cat delete and FP3. 33,000 trouble free miles so far. Does anyone know if the CVO comes with SE Clutch, Compensator and oil pump? Also does it have the plastic lifter cups like the non CVO bikes have?

My 2010 CVO Untra did not resulting in an ESP rebuild.

Well I got my bike back.  Been 6 weeks since they tore into her.  ESP covered new crankcase up excluding heads (mine were still good).  During this process I elected to put in the torque cam and SE tappets, also the auto tuner.

One interesting thing, last week the bike was completed and mechanic started it up.  Ran for about 4 or 5 seconds and stopped.  Pulled the cam shaft cover to find the new cam had welded itself into the cam plate.  End result, Harley had a batch of cam plates that went out that doesn't have the lubricating hole drilled.  Said the bit must have broke on the CNC and some went out before it was caught.  Harley covered all the new parts needed to fix it.  (Shouldn't have even been a question)

I believe total ESP cost was around $5500.

Time to do the 500 mile break in. 

If you have a 17, 18 or 19 with the original oil pump, do yourself a favor next oil change and pull the crankshaft position sensor and measure the amount of oil you get.  At least you'll know.

This is a great thread,, thanks.

Did they upgrade the pump for the 20's? 

Also, I'm new to this problem, what are we expecting to find when the sensor is pulled? Small amount, no amount??

For the Newbies - Its not just the pump.  You need the Plate & Seal if you don't already have them (They came out around 19') and version 4 oil pump (which came out around late 19' & 20' models) I could be off on years but not hard to verify, there are plenty of threads on here on this subject.  And if memory serves me HD increased the amount of oil allowed in the sump from 3 oz to 6 oz.  (Don't quote me I could be off a little on the numbers)  Also it should be noted that while these 3 parts together seem to have fixed the issue (Haven't heard of any sumping with these parts installed) excessive engine wear (bad ring seal) overfilling oil & bad or blocked breather system could also contribute to a sumping condition.  This problem seems to be a not if... but when scenario, there has been high mileage & low mileage motors that have experienced this condition, especially some of the "stage kits".  I don't know if I would call a couple of hundred (for the parts) cheap insurance but when your dealing with $40K plus bikes and not getting stuck on the side of the road in need of a new engine then yes its cheap insurance!  Note:  use the HD parts not aftermarket, less than half the cost and in some opinions work better. 

Update on my bike.  Not good. 

Finished my 500 mile break in yesterday.  Did my oil change.  Drained the oil.  Then used a separate container to check how much oil in crankcase.  Pulled the sensor and it drops just shy of 2QTS.  I felt like I was going to throw up in my garage.  Tech bulletin says over 6ozs not good, I just dropped near 52oz.

It was warm yesterday and I did notice the engine getting really hot. 

I'm going to go for a short 50 mile ride and drop the sensor again to see how much I get.

Needless to say, I'm going back to the dealership tomorrow with a lot of concerns.


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