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Stock 117" M8 and 128" S&S Kit -- How is the Heat?


Fast FLHX:
Anyone experiencing any overheating issues with the M8 117" or the S&S 128" kit?

Looking to get into a 2020 CVO but my experiences with the heat coming off the 110" have me hesitating.

I found one bike with a 128" S&S already installed so curious how these new M8 motors are handling the heat.

HD Street Performance:
Is your bike choice water or air cooled? That will affect how the riders feel. You are speaking about radiant heat not engine overheating an engine.

Fast FLHX:
The 110's I've had experience regularly overheated.  Just want to make sure the M8 and big bore kits don't result in the same.

HD Street Performance:
As long as they do not use a canned map and have a proper flash tune to richen up the fuel a little they are fine. The water cooled models do give off a lot of radiant heat however and riders think they are hot and really the fans are just doing their job


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