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Author Topic: Passenger Footboards for a 2009 Fatbob CVO Dyna FXDFSE??  (Read 1916 times)

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Passenger Footboards for a 2009 Fatbob CVO Dyna FXDFSE??
« on: July 11, 2014, 01:41:31 PM »

Folks new to this site. I bought my 2009 Fatbob CVO new in 2009 and love it. Planning to take it to Sturgis in August along with my Wife. She wants Passenger Footboards instead of the Pegs, which of course I wanna make her happy (or try).

However aside from this option being expensive and seemingly rare for a Dyna, I am trying to match the Footboards to the Ironside Pegs, Grips, Pedals etc... Apparently most of the Ironside style is obsolete! I added Heel Rests and scoured the internet to find matching ankle rests (shifter peg). I am very anal about my Bike as most of us are and don't want to mismatch things. So here are some of my challenges:

1. Scouring the Planet to find a set of Ironside Swept Wing Passenger Footboard Inserts p/n 52312-07. Obsolete and Dealers can't order. Anybody got any leads because google searches exhausted...found a set on eBay in England but aside from being pricy, concerned they would arrive in time for me.
2. Looking for Swept Wing Passenger Footboard Pans for these Ironside inserts. Looking at the Harley website they have 2 versions, p/n 50357-04 & 50716-04. However their site does not show these being compatible with my FXDFSE. This is confusing because they have a swept wing stealth insert p/n50358-04 on the site that says they DO FIT my bike. Anyone have experience with this to know if these Pans would fit my CVO?
3. Found the Passenger Footboard Support Kit for my CVO p/n 49279-06. This is clearly for my Dyna. So between looking for the Pans in item #2, and these mounts for my Dyna, it is not clear that the Swept Wing Pans 50357-04 & 50716-04 fit the Dyna Footboard Support Mounts p/n 49279-06

I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with HD Tech Support, went through 2 levels of support giving them all of the above part number info as well as my VIN, and in the end the 2nd guy said the pans above would fit the Dyna footboard support kit. However he did not give me a lot of confidence as he hit many dead ends looking, so looking to see if someone with some hands on real world experience has any help. So looking for some guidance and help out there if anyone has any it would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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