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Title: 131 - TTS or DynoJet Map?
Post by: benmay94 on June 10, 2021, 09:09:46 AM
I just got the 131 installed on my 2021 CVO Road Glide, and was wondering if anyone had a calibration/map file for either Dynojet or TTS for the 131?  Do to it just being installed I'm running the canned map from the Super Tuner, no dyno yet (they want me to do it after break in). 

I'm asking as I can't find anything listed on the websites of those tuner companies for a 131.  I doing the warranty thing right now, but I'm more so curious on doing a comparison between all the data to see how different the "canned" tunes actually are.

Just for reference - I've used both tuners before on different bikes and I also know currently a 2021 cant be tuned by other companies yet.  This is all about my curiosity...