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2016 License Plate Mount Replacement

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I am quite sure I am not alone in hating the license plate mount on my '16 CVO RGU.  I am going to switch to a removable tour pack mount to get rid of it.  But what now remains is where to put it?  Since the '16s do not have the rear bullet turn signals, using the HD curved mount is out.  One of the solutions I have come up with is to use the Custom Dynamics Radius Laydown Plate Frame Mount and Radius Frame with LED.  I can mount it right below the light and above the emblem.  Kuryakyn has a taillight lens that will eliminate the license plate light.  It will require drilling a couple of holes in the fender.  Has anyone done anything like this on a '16?  I've found a few for '15s, but no 16's.

King Glide:
I did it using a Kuryakyn plate frame with led's in the top of the unit. Drilled three mounting holes.

That looks so much better.  Exactly what I am thinking.  What did you do to eliminate the old mount?  I am going black, and could not find a Kuryakyn in black with LEDs.  How did you, or did you, hide the plate light on the top of the lens?  One other question, how do you like the bag lights?  Thinking about adding them as well, I like the look and more light is always good!

King Glide:
The old mount went away with the original tourpak mounting bracket, the detachable mount kit supplies a flimsy piece of crap that is placed under the brake light and squeezed together with the screws that mount the light to the fender. The led's are part of the bracket assembly and came like you see it. The bag lights are a necessity, once you take the tourpak off you have no turn signals.
Here's a tip, don't buy the kit, buy all the parts by the piece. The kit is cheaper than the piece by piece, but the bag/ signal lights only come in a red lens and after you buy the smoke lens you end up paying just a couple dollars more and don't have to find someone to buy the red lights from you.

Good advice on the kit and great minds think alike, I already priced them out separately.  I actually do not plan on ever taking the tour pack off, I really just wanted to lose that damned plate.  Had to do something similar on my '08 Ultra as the plate bracket was part of the mount as well.


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