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Hey guys! I have some trouble with choosing a motorcycle helmet. I have quite a big head and it is really a big problem when come to choose a lid that fit me well. This is a really frustrating task. I tried different types of helmets from half shell lid to full-face and finally found one that I felt the most OKay.

The problem is that the helmet makes me really uncomfortable in long rides, especially in the warmer weather. It causes pain on the sides of my head, especially the area above my ears.

If I can find a company that makes DOT approved Modular helmets that can fit my head perfectly, no matter how expensive it is, I will try my best to buy it. Unluckily, I can't find one. Could you guys please tell me whether that kind of company exists?


Something that you can try, is if you have a helmet that fits good front to back, you can purchase a smaller set of the cheek pads usually.  The manufacturers do not make a different helmet shell for each different size.  A shell may fit  several different sizes (say L, XL, XXL) and they make up the difference inside with a different lining across the top and rear and different cheek pads. 

Actually the front to back coan be helped with the lining too.

Do you know your head shape, e.g., round, oval, intermediate oval? Helmet manufactures make different shape helmets to accommodate the many different heads’ shapes and sizes. Revzilla has a lot of info on this.

Call one of the GearGeeks at Revzilla.

I wear a 7 7/8 hat (sometimes a 8) and the AGV Carbon Sportmodular in XXL fits me perfect and crazy comfortable once broken in. Excellent air flow also


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