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Trying to find a helmet that fit

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Try an Arai helmet.  They make helmets for different shaped heads and don’t use one shell for all sizes. They have great ventilation and are very, very comfortable.  I have tried so many other brands and nothing has been a better fit than Arai.  Good luck.

We had good luck on sizing by going to Cycle Gear and start trying the different brands and sizes on. Wife is very happy with what she was able to find for a fit off the shelf. I was close to being happy and as mentioned above was able to swap cheek pads around to a larger size. Comfortable fit now.

+1 for cycle gear

Shoei neotec2 in 2x or Schuberth 3x not sure how large the Schubert goes up to these are both modular helmets

Shoei you can gain additional room as they have multiple size padding that is interchangable

Both offer deeper ears so you can add internal speaker without losing space or hitting your ear.

My last helmet was an HJC Modular last 3 years but now the spring mechanisms are starting to fail so like you have been checking out larger helmets

+2 for Cycle Gear! I bought a bunch of XL’s over the years and they just weren’t right. Went to Cycle Gear and tried on everyone they had. I didn’t care about what brand. Found a Bell that fit just right. Ordered the color I wanted and couldn’t be happier. The color is actual a perfect match my bike. Don’t settle, there’s one out there for you.


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