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Want to remove tour pack but what to do about all those wires

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Hey everyone. Im new to the forum and cvo's. I just got an 11 RGU CVO and am wanting to remove the lower fairing with speakers and the tour pack with speakers. I pulled the seat off and there is a spaghetti mess of wiring under there. It also doesnt look like many disconnect options for speaker wires, antenna, lights and amp.

Has anyone removed or relocated the amp? Its a thick wire bundle and not sure it will fit in saddlebag without drilling a large hole. Ive read where others have disconnected wires from inside tour pack and rolled them up under seat but I dont see how thats possible on a cvo with all the wiring already under seat.

Im honestly thinking I should have just focused on a road glide and not gotten the ultra. Any help or direction in removing the tour pack and wiring? Thanks in advance.

Look on the Harley parts website. There is a kit to remove the tour pack on both the 2011 and 2015 bikes. Both came with directions on how to remove the tour pack including, what to do with the wiring.

There is also a thread on this board if not several on how to do it. FLSTDAVE ( I may be off on the spelling as I am not home to look it up) posted a thread with detailed directions for the 2015 with pictures.

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I did it with out using the kit, I think it come out cleaner. 

Here is the link to it.

Thanks for the reply and link. Very much appreciated, and outstanding step by step instructions.
But under my seat the wiring is no where near as clean and organized as yours. See pic below. Looks like s terribly daunting task.

I would never even think about touching that. 😨😨Stuart


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