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Want to remove tour pack but what to do about all those wires

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--- Quote from: flhtrusecvo on September 13, 2020, 09:20:32 AM ---Thanks for the reply and link. Very much appreciated, and outstanding step by step instructions.
But under my seat the wiring is no where near as clean and organized as yours. See pic below. Looks like s terribly daunting task.

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A few years ago one of the locals I know wanted to do this.  He'd bought the kit but I'd seen Dave's instructions and went with those instead.  It was better.  However....

With that picture of yours someone has been there before you.  Though don't look anything like that when unmolested.  That's a spaghetti pile that would drive me nuts.  I'd want to sort that out and know I knew what everything was before I ever started changing anything.  Too great a chance otherwise if something gives you a problem to not have any idea whether the problem began with the new work or what was messed with before.


--- Quote from: flhtrusecvo on September 14, 2020, 12:02:22 PM ---Is this any better? Long process

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I should have read ahead....  :oops:

Very nice job of what had to be a tedious and probably slightly nerve-racking task.  Chasing someone else's ideas of wiring is worse than when your wife finds out about girlfriend (or vice versa [unless you're really lucky]).

Looks like a much better place to start now.  You deserve a beverage :drink: !


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