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Want to remove tour pack but what to do about all those wires

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Yeah, i know... I'm so disgusted with myself right now. I'm pretty good at doing my own maintenance and upgrades but this just took the wind out of my sails. Totally regretting it now.

Not sure who did that to your bike.  That wiring is a mess.  Either way it needs to be straightened out so you know what is what.  That would drive me nuts, I would be cleaning it up right away.

Is this any better? Long process of unplugging wires and turning things on and off to see what's affected. There was a few feet of black and red wire cheaply spliced into the a running break light connector. Didn't seem to affect anything either way so i removed it as all running, turn signal and brake lights are working.

So if this is a good starting point, are you guys using special disconnect plugs on your wiring? Cause wires coming from my tour pack and speakers are running straight up under dash panel all the way up to the radio.

There a thick bundle of wires coming out of my left saddlebag and wondering if that is another small amp?

Another question is if i remove the amp under tour pack, will i still be able to run all 6 speakers should i put tour pack back on without amp? Will i lose alot of sound?

Thanks again for your time help and patience.

That looks quite a bit better!

My radio had quick connect pug under the tour pack for it, for the radio antennae and the CB antenna.

You will have to ask others about the amp.  Mine had no amp in tour pack, it was all done from under fairing or in saddle bag.

I have looked at the wiring diagram and it appears that the radio signals all go to the amp and then back up to the radio and the controls to power the front and back speakers. Looks like if I remove the amp under the tour pack then the radio is DEAD.
I dint know how to overcome this.


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