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So I currently have the heated CVO Hammock on my '16 CVO RGU, not a fan of the seat. Im 6'1 260 and feels like im on the tank. I looking at Mustang Super touring or Saddleman Road sofa extended reach. Any one have any input ?

I recently hung my Hammock up on the wall in the garage and went with the HD Tallboy. Much better. I was hoping to be able to demo another seat like the ones you mentioned but I'm not anywhere near any of their facilities and don't go to the big rallies that they attend.

I have the same bike. I love that seat.  Stuart  :nixweiss:

I am just over 6 feet with a 34 inch inseam. I too feel way too close to the tank on the stock seat. I went with a Corbin and it moved me back about an inch or so. Corbin is like sitting on a brick so I had to  buy an  air hawk. Those two purchases made all the difference in the world. Not recommending you go this way as it was an expensive way to go. I will say getting back that inch plus made all the difference in the world for lock to lock turns at low speed maneuvers and distance rides.

Everyone has a slightly different opinion about seats. I’m 6’1”, 210 and found the stock hammock great. I have had the tall boy on a couple of bikes and it’s a very good seat. It will move you back an inch or 2. Might have to rotate your apes a tad if you go that route.


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