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Is there a SE or aftermarket oil pan that lowers engine oil Temp for the M-8 ?  I know there ones for the Twin Cam but can not find one for the M-8

There are pans for Twin Cam that increase the oil volume.  That will not lower the oil temp.  It will just make it take a little longer to reach normal operating temperature.  The engine is going end up running at the same temp whether or not it's got an extra quart in it or not though. So it will take a little longer to heat up that larger volume of oil; and it will take a little longer to cool it down.  Any advertising suggesting significant lowering of oil temps as a result is, well.... advertising.

Didn't they increase the oil pan capacity with the M8 engine?

HD Street Performance:
How can added oil capacity lower heat? Why not address the root cause or define what is high oil temperature.  250 is not high. What is your oil running, median temp?

Maybe marketing but some of the Twin Cam higher capacity pans had cooling fins. My bike has the SE 131 kit and is twin cooled. I do not want to use an aftermarket tuner and void the warranty although I am using Fullsac head pipes and 2.25 baffles. It is a twin cooled motor but heat coming off the engine and even the radiator fans makes it no fun to ride on a 90 degree day. Bike runs great makes 131 hp and 136 tq. Dyno chart was posted on another thread. The engine heat is intense.


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