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Why does my FXDSE2 only take 2-1/2 quarts at an oil change?

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My FXDSE2 will only take 2.5 quarts in the engine to get to the middle of the stick. Manual says
3.5 quarts with oil and filter change. I’ve drained it on the jiffy stand and vertical on the jack. Always 2.5 middle of the stick.  Any ideas?

Did you take out the dip stick to release the vacuum?

Well I found the answer to my own question. I should have done a search before I asked the question. If anyone’s interested here’s the old thread.

You beat me to it but was going to say, for reference, my 2002 SE Dyna takes 2.5qts with filter (aligned with manual).

If you're worried about getting every bit of oil out, there's always the total oil change kit. I've never used it, but it seems popular on Harley Tech Talk.


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