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First major trip on my first Harley....06 Ultra CVO

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Hi all, well I just got back from an approx. 1900 mile trip to Massachusetts, from Michigan and back. Checked out the Worlds largest Tesla Tower being fired up for Nikola Tesla's belated birthday. What an awesome show of his plan for free electricity. That was in New York, then it was off to ferry across to Mass. from Long Island to check out Battleship Cove, with the USS Massachusetts on display along with 2 of 5 surviving WW 2 P.T. Boats.
Being I came off an 87 Gold Wing, I was really curious on how the bike would compare and perform. Well she ran great. Plenty of power, and rode surprisingly well. I hear all the horror stories on all the negatives to watch out for, and so far the only thing that really annoyed me as listening to the Singer sewing machine noise from the top of the engine. At times it was a little nerving when it would sometimes get a little louder, then quiet down as the torque was let off. I might look into those "rocker lockers" for a winter project.
I have Vance and Hinds twin slash cut slip ons, with the quiet baffles added, and they were not bad at all. I don't want to rattle my brain, and I like hearing the music to ride to. But I did develop a squeak at idle with the left side exhaust. I think it is the rubber hangar the the muffler hangs on. Maybe a little magic juice (lube) will quiet it down. Of course my brother riding his 95 Wing was questioning on what the squeak was.
I have to admit the storage is a bit smaller compared to the Wing, so I had to be a bit creative in filling the bags and tour pack, try to get as many things accessible as possible, without having to fumble too much at stops.
All in all the trip was very successful. bikes ran great, seen some really cool stuff, and met some great people along the way. But since we ran into about 10 miles of rain at the west end of New York coming home, I've to a LOT of cleaning ahead of me.

On a side note. Any one planning a trip through New York, I 86 is an absolutely beautiful ride. But what ever you do AVOID GOING THROUGH (or near) NEW YORK CITY AT NIGHT!......or even daylight, for that matter

Sounds like a great and beautiful time. Pictures?

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I must be forgetting something. I can't seem to get any picks to transfer to the reply.

This site is really screwey. It don't seem to be very user friendly on posting pics. I try and try and nothing, then all of the sudden a pic shows up out of nowhere!

Llemme try another one.


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