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FXR as Dressed Up as It's Likely Ever Going to Get

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Finished a really good (ok, pretty good) clean and polish on the FXR this afternoon.  This was the culmination of finally getting around to doing work I'd been talking about doing since December or January.  Just never actually got to it. 

About ten days finally started tearing it down.  Bike had a rocker box leak (Evo-itis) since I'd had it.  Just a weep.  Just barely.  One of those wipe it down and go things and it never even made a mess.  Just the rear and just in the back.  Finally decided to (hopefully) fix it though.

One thing leads to another of course so the original and mostly untouched 20+ year old Evo now has a new cam, bearing, lifters, steel breather, etc.  Left the oil pump alone.  Just no reason to touch it.  While in the middle of it all then realized just how much all the stupid little plastic chrome-esque bolt covers that littered this bike really annoyed me.  Whomever had it before had done an ABSOLUTELY thorough job of putting those things on.

Anyplace I'd worked on the bike so far I'd lost them.  Now went after the rest of them too.  Lots of new chrome bolts.  Actually just a couple of the stupid covers left in places it just wasn't worth getting to.  But all told it looks much better. 

Sounds great.  Still starts like a fuel injected bike.  Runs well too.  Light bike with a 2.92 final drive made me end up going EV46 instead of EV27.  Either way not bolt out of the blue differences from stock but it's going to be ok.  It made me smile on its first ride.  That is all it takes to qualify as a win and justify the work.

She sure is purty, with your writing skills I expected some live commentary in the video.  :nixweiss:

Nice Bike  :2vrolijk_21:


--- Quote from: TN on June 15, 2021, 09:52:11 PM ---She sure is purty, with your writing skills I expected some live commentary in the video.  :nixweiss:

Nice Bike  :2vrolijk_21:

--- End quote ---

Not brave enough to possibly jinx anything yet Phil.  Want to know for sure the rear rocker box isn't leaking anymore before I say too much!

Very nice, looks great. 

Wow It's a beauty!


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