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I bought a 2015 SG CVO with 20k miles from the locaql stearlership. Rode the bike for less than 100 and noticed some clanking noise coming from the engine. I took it back to the dealer and was told it sounded like a bad bearing. I was pissed. They will have to tear down the enginge to make sure. A week later they call and said there was a bad tappet and oil pump failure. They said "Good News, its covered under your extended warranty you purchased" I felt like S*$t. 2 weeks later today they call and said they put it back together and took for test ride but the bike "sputtering" and the tech is off for 2 days and will work on it when he gets back to work My reaction: WTF? Ok my question to the group when there is a tappet failure does that me the lifters are also bad and should be replaced?

Welcome to the site.  Sad for your issues.  At least you have a warranty.   A tappet is another name for a lifter.  Basically now they need to order you a new engine and oil pan baffle assy as metal has went thru the motor.  Sadly all 110’s experience lifter failure at some point due to excessive valve spring pressure mostly.  Your motor came with SE lifters but they are t any better than stock.  A lot of people on here change lifters on a 110 every 15-20,000 miles.  Most go with aftermarket.  My 14 failed at 18k and put in S&S lifters.  Good luck.  Demand a new engine. 

The only problem with getting a new Engione is, you are going to have the same lifters and valve springs, and dont forget the inner cam bearings, so to get the engine reliable, you need to change them out before it goes bang.

After rereading your post I would be about certain that is why the previous owner traded it in.  He knew something was going bad.  Dealer just looked at bike and gave a trade in number.  It would be nice just to walk away from that bike if possible.  Good luck.  Let us know how it works out. 

you had the opportunity while it was apart to beef up some weak points.  Seems they already have it back together.
You need to find out what exactly they did and what was replaced.  If they repaired the current engine, they needed to flush everything out.  The old lifter that failed certainly sent metal shavings into the engine and likely what caused the oil pump to fail.
What are the weak points you ask?
- valve springs are too stiff, partial cause of lifter failures.  Replace springs, or better yet have the heads done while off the bike and shave a little to increase compression
- OEM cam (SE255) has aggressive ramps, couple with springs that are too stiff and lackluster OEM lifter.  Lots of cam choices out there and pair with any headwork.
- Stock lifter, even the SE lifters, are not great.  Consider S&S among other great aftermarket choices.  Stock cam bearing is garbage and should be changed even if not changing cams
- While apart, check crank runout.  Factory spec is crazy (something like 0.012") and too me something like 0.005" is probably where you should start to be concerned.
- Full exhaust (with header) and tuner needed to bring engine temps down and get things runner smoother.  Get a proper dyno tune and not just a downloaded map.


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