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Info about this number ?


I Understand the obvious about this number , I wonder if anybody knows what the 4 represents in this born on date and do all the CVO's have this stamped in the frame? Mine is the 2003 S.E.D and was the very first year for the Softail Deuce to be a target for the CVO program and they were assembled by a 2 man team in that day and not run down the regular assembly line. Thought the number 4 might have something to do with that aspect, any feedback?

Where is this? I can look at mine to see if it is the same


--- Quote from: Richyunker on February 09, 2017, 08:03:41 PM ---Where is this? I can look at mine to see if it is the same

--- End quote ---

Right behind the fuel tank bolts under the nose of the seat

WOW !! as of this posting today , this topic has been viewed 900 times and nobody seems to know the answer so I have to guess that it's unique. Hate it when something buggs me as much but I still wonder what it is,,,( the # )   


I'm going to guess the 4 is the designation of the tooling used to fabricate the frame.  I've seen similar date and time codes on parts before in the auto industry where a letter or number in that location indicated the mold # or other tooling information.  If you have issues that pop up later it makes it easier to track down which tool or mold or whatever to go check for problems.  Part of a good traceability protocol.

JMHO - Jerry


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