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Anyone Know Where to find Original Parts?

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Hello all...I just bought a 2003 FXSTDSE. I'd like to return it to as original as possible but I'm having a tough time finding parts. I need a seat, air cleaner, aileron hand grips, derby and timer covers and an owners manual. Does anyone know where I can find some or all of these Parts? I've been checking Ebay and Craigslist without much luck. Thanks!

You can always have your local dealer due a part # search for the items you want. He can tell you which dealers might have new old stock for the parts. Maybe you'd be lucky enough to find a dealer willing to discount the stuff if it were just sitting in his parts inventory.

As above work your dealer. I know seats are gone, and none thru Harley at all. I was lucky enough to find one a few years back on Craigslist. Dude removed it new, and in years later sold the bike. Lucky me.

As the handgrips your dealer should find some somewhere in the inventory system as they were a regular stocked accessory back then.

I do not have an owners manual either, but the service manual, parts manuals are still available thru dealer parts counter.

Where are the pictures of your Deuce?

Thanks for the replies. I’m out of town on a work trip right now but I will definitely visit my dealer when I get home. I’ll post some pictures then also. I did discover an online owners manual for the bike that can be downloaded, but still not the same as an original. The bike seems to run a bit lean and I’m assuming it’s because one of the previous owners removed the rear portion of the air cleaner. Lots of decel popping. The gold medallion on the air cleaner has been replaced with a silver one. The derby cover has been replaced with a plain chrome one. The timer cover has also been replaced. The seat will probably be my greatest challenge. There is one on eBay right now but after reading the seat thread on this forum I believe it may be for a 2004.

Craigslist is your friend ... Manuals and many parts are pennies on the dollar.

Do not limit your self to the 200-mile radius.

Use a neighboring town or state for your search.

Many will mail for a "for sure" sale.



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