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Apes/Lower-Control Extensions / Chin-Spoiler Issues?


Hope everyone is in the wind enjoying life.
I have a 2004 CVO Deuce FXSTDSE2, all stock.
I'm wanting to put an Arlen Ness, Lower-control extension plate to extend the controls out 3 inches.
Also putting Apes on it this winter.
Looking for help with a couple of Issues:
1. The Harley Shop in Humboldt County, CA, says I should ditch the stock risers and put Straight-up, Risers for the new bars.
What about the Tachometer? I have not been able to find any pix of a similar modification.
What happens to the Tach? Does using the original "pull-back" risers create a "Weak-Pivot point" with Ape-hangers on them?
The guy was pretty vague on that issue. The tach of course, has its own mounting bracket attached to the Triple, and bars. I don't want the Tach hanging on new bars with the black wires hanging visibly exposed.
2. On the CVO Screaming Eagle, the rear brake line [front] is a solid tube. I haven't seen extension lines that are chromed-metal.
3. The lower "Chin-Scoup-Spoiler," appears to prevent attaching the Arlen Ness extension plates? does anyone ride with the spoiler removed?

I'm hoping someone out there has/had the same issue I have. I bought the bike from a guy who was 5'6" and I'm 6'2".
Stock works great for him, not so much for me.
I spent months cruising craigslist looking for the right buy.
I only had $9,000 to spend. I'm now 63 yrs old, and after losing my 1957' BSA in the 80's, subsequent Goldwings, and Virago's just couldn't cut it any longer.
I found this 2004 CVO Deuce with 9,400 miles, never been in the weather. Garage kept, meticulously maintained by one owner.
Almost didn't buy it. For weeks I kept looking for a similar bike that wasn't....Yellow.
My kid-Brother has been riding with a club for decades.
He convinced me to get the Deuce.
"Wrap it in black, if you don't like Harley's Custom Paint!"
Ok, that's my Harley story.
My only regret is that I didn't immediately buy a Harley when my Ex, convinced me to sell the Beezer.
Had to sell my 87' GW after buying the CVO. I was never going to ride it again.
How you gonna ride a "Singer-Sewing-Machine" down the highway after riding a 96" Harley?
Lot's of questions, I know. This is my first post here, so I might as well go for it.
Thanks for reading this far.


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