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Good day everyone,

On 3/11/2023, I was driving to my uncle's house to drop off the motorcycle to get it fixed (needed a new fuel pump), when at an intersection a driver decided to run a yellow light and cut me off. I slammed on my brakes b/c I was doing the limit (45 mph) and my rear tire locked up and I was sliding all across the lane and it wasn't until I got too sideways that I flew off and ended up sliding/turning about 20-30 feet. I recollect placing my hands out in front and I got real bad road rash on both palms and on my right forearm. My hip was bruised up and swollen. Unfortunately, the bike did not have insurance. So everything has been out of pocket so far. I wanted to know if anybody could help me get these parts. I'm posting the pics of the bike for reference.  :drink:



Condolences on all the damage (to you and the bike).  Looking at the pics you'd likely buy a bike for something comparable to what you'd spend for every nicked up part.  You'd certainly do it faster.  That 15 year old one-year-only paint will be only barely short of impossible to find.

Glade you're not broken up like  your bike.

You'd do best to strip it down beat out the rear fender bondo it replace the tank and repaint the entire bike. All other bits can be picked up used may take some searching but they're out there. BTW. The frame should be checked that it's not damaged (out of alignment)
What of the guy that cut you off did he not stop or have no insurance as well? 


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