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(ACR) Automatic Compression Release Blew out of Head


J Meadows:
(ACR) Automatic Compression Release Blew out of Head. 2019 Street Glide with 32,600 miles on it. I have Motorcycle Agent  Extended Service Eagle Plan, They wouldn't cover it because they said that the head was stripped. In My Opinion the ACR must have came loose & the compression blew by eating the treads away. Then the ACR blew out. They stat that they don't cover stripped threads,. I can understand that,, but this was installed 4 years ago and hasn't had a wrench touch since the Factory installed it in 2019.

had the same thing happen to my 2008 scream eagle ultra. heli coil and reinstall

HD Street Performance:
The factory does not torque them tight enough. I get used heads here that are never touched and the ACRs are loose, just a touch greater than finger tight. :-\

Does the 110 engine have similar issues?
I'm thinking of checking mine when I get to work tomorrow where I store it for the winter.

HD Street Performance:
Yes, check them. OEM torque spec is too low IMHO


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