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Thinking of getting a CVO Deuce


Hi folks, I am usually more active in the CVO Springer threads, I have a 2008 FXSTSSE2, living in Perth Western Australia

I am looking for a second Harley, principally to spread the K's covered over 2 bikes.

The 2003/4 CVO Deuce is one of the bikes I am considering. These were never sold new in Australia.

I did have a two tone blue and silver 88" Deuce from new in 2000, the first to be sold in Western Australia, kept it some years and sold it on the birth of my daughter.

I kept my 2006 35th Anniversary Dynaglide at the time. (sold in 2010)

That young lady is now a registered Nurse in our main state hospital, the passage of time....

So the point of this post is, anything I should look out for with this model ? I have become a wee bit of a CVO Springer "expert" thru necessity.

Also does anyone know of any CVO Deuce for sale ? I could import a used bike from the USA. My FXSTSSE2 came from red Rock HD in central Texas in 2011.

Thanks in advance fellas for any and all information on the 2003/2004 CVO Deuce.

For what it's worth the other 2 bikes on the shortlist are a 2008/9 Rocker C and 2007/8 CVO Dyna. Both sold new in Australia and more numerous here on the market now.

I've owed the 2004 Deuce (FXSTDSE2) since 2009 and I highly recommend it. A few years ago I bought an older Street Glide (2007). The previous owner of the Street Glide said I wouldn't be riding the Deuce much after buying the Street Glide. He was wrong! Its great having both a bagger and a bar hopper.

Thanks mate. Most appreciated.

I agree,  I have a Fat Boy, a Fat Bob, an FXRC plus my 2006 FlHTC se and love them all. All different and rides for different reason. Glad you love you Deuce.


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