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Due to increasing amount of good information that the site has to offer, and the inability to have all the threads sticky’d the Admin/Mods have decided to create one thread per board with links to all the individual threads. We felt this would be a better solution then having the first page in some boards become all sticky’s. This will provide a central place for all sticky's and allow more important information/threads to be easily accessible. If you have a thread that you may want added to this list just send a link to Admin/Mod for review threads will be considered under the same criteria that are posted to have threads sticky’d. Requirements for sticky thread requests can be found here - How To Get Thread Sticky’d.. 

SERK Dyno Runs-Please post SERK Dyno Charts Here
Finally production Numbers on the 2002 SERK
FLHRSEI/2/3/4 Production Number Totals


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