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Friend killed on ride

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While riding yesterday one of my close friend left the road  and ended up under his motorcycle.  The whole thing is like a nightmare come true I keep hoping to wake up and find out it is just a dream.

Street Stalker:
Man, sorry to hear about that.  Did you see it, were you on the ride also, or was it just relayed to you?  Mind sharing how he went off the road?

No I didn't see it he, I wish I had maybe I could saved him.  We thought maybe he'd gone home I keep calling his cell wanting to know where he went.  We drove back thinking he had stayed at the store or took a different way and decieded to go home. I actually got mad at him for not letting us know he changed his mind and went a different.   After trying for a while to contact him we decided to follow the road again look for tracks going off.  I a friend riding in front I followed then another behind. We came up on a corner my friend keep going I noticed a cross along side the road where someone had been killed and I also thought I saw somthing shinny.  I stopped ran back and found his bike along the ravine I looked around the bike and didn't see anything than I panicked and ran up the ravine looking for him in the mean time one of the other riders said he was under the bike. We lifted it off him.  I knew we where to late.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Was that the accident just past Scooter stuff?

Sorry to hear of your friends accident. Best wishes to his family and friends


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