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 on: Today at 10:55:09 AM 
Started by gpopvet - Last post by 1roadking
I finally got a chance to ride the beast😄 wow the power difference is huge! It feels the same off idle and then revs so much faster. I slammed the rev limiter yesterday lol. Very rideable and controlled, if you want more it’s there quick but still very tame when wanted.

 on: Today at 10:48:45 AM 
Started by lowflight - Last post by lowflight
I am going to replace the lifters for some reason?? Then you know while I am in there....113 and so on. I have a set of extra heads but they are granite and my motor is black and that is what started me down this road. Not sure if any real change would be realized with using a heat dissipating coating or not, but it is used on other applications that it seems to perform pretty good.

I wonder what type of powder Harley uses as it some rather stout stuff, "normal" powders are good for 250-300F. That powder Harley uses withstands the temps in the combustion chamber. I think they end up coating the inside of the head as a matter of production run and not for any form of enhancement. There are lots of theories about having it in the combustion chamber, aiding in atomization and so on but I haven't found anything that really supports it being in there.

I still have not made up my mind, but I certainly am leaning on giving it a try. There are some coatings out there that perform better in shedding heat than what I am considering but currently they are only available in colors that I have no interest in.       

I certainly can be over thinking this? 

 on: Today at 10:47:20 AM 
Started by Chains - Last post by Yellow09SERG
This has turned into a great thread!

 on: Today at 10:43:54 AM 
Started by RoadTrip - Last post by Yellow09SERG
Surprisingly, there wasn’t an abundance of Indian Paintbrush on the roads we ventured. I don’t know if the conditions weren’t right or it was too early. I know IP usually lasts longer into the summer than the bluebonnets, so maybe it blooms later too?
Thanks for the posting. Wife and I keep saying we need to make a run to the Texas Hill Country and see what its all about. Be a good excuse for a ride and a 4 day weekend

 on: Today at 10:36:14 AM 
Started by 2017 CVO STREET GLIDE - Last post by 2002FXDWG3
This is both sad and interesting to read, with alot of well written posts.

Bottom line is they have a sumping problem on the M8 engine, that is independent of the tune used.  It's a very weasely position taken by the moco to avoid responsibility due to the aftermarket tune, even if stated up front.  People shelling out CVO money deserve better.  JMHO.

 on: Today at 10:32:25 AM 
Started by 89fxrs - Last post by 08glide
At least he didn't have both hands on your shoulders while doing the exam!!

or did he  ?

 on: Today at 10:30:21 AM 
Started by skratch - Last post by 2002FXDWG3
The 18572-07 is very similar to the current S&S premium (without travel limiters), although the S&S might not have the larger needle bearings of the SE.   From what I understand, S&S, like Fueling and others, is not making these lifters (Delphi is).

 on: Today at 10:24:09 AM 
Started by 89fxrs - Last post by muddypaws
Good one...

 on: Today at 10:18:20 AM 
Started by Mutt - Last post by 08glide
WELCOME !    :welcome_005:  enjoy all the camaraderie & info here. I think you're gonna enjoy the ride as well. nice looking bike   :2vrolijk_21:

RIDE SAFE!      BE CAREFUL !      :orange:

 on: Today at 09:53:13 AM 
Started by 2017 CVO STREET GLIDE - Last post by Haird
This has been an interesting thread to follow.  I remember the first one from the OP (and went back to read again) so first off, if 2017 CVO Street Glide (Bill) wasn't worried about his warranty with the mods to begin with, he shouldn't be concerned about it when something goes wrong.  Looking back, the original subject received input that warned him about aftermarket mods and the loss of said warranty with aftermarket mods so he knew the deal going into this game.

If the dealer actually did tell him they would honor his warranty even after the mods and then recanted when the caca hit the fan, bad on them.  However, the OP was warned not to trust the dealer's statements either.

We aren't privy to the conversations between the OP/dealer/HD so we only have the OP side of the story.  Ranting on this site is a given.  He has every right to be upset that his applecart was turned over as we all are from time to time.  However, he can't say he went in blind to the facts.

The MoCo has had and it appears will continue to have customer service, reliability, manufacturing defects due to faulty choices and/or poor workmanship in their 3rd party suppliers, etc.  The MoCo got their hand slapped/wallet drained by the EPA and 2017 was the first lock down of this type of issue.  The OP knew it going into his purchase so the MoCo, in this instance, followed the warranty guidelines and owners manual warning to the consumer...warranty will be void if.... 

It's like touching the 500 degree plate at Ruth Chris when the waiter/waitress had already warned you it was hot.  It stings but it's on us for not heeding the warnings of the experienced.

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