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Front shock for my FXSTSEE 2


Looking at re-placing my front shock on my springer.
After any info/issues/part #/recommodations/ Where to purchase? etc etc
thanks boys

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fck, all quiet here......
looking at the Fournales.
any info, part # ? where to buy from the states ?
thanks boys

getting a Fournales Spring-Shock from Bertrand in Tassie.
should be here in a few days

Sorry, just saw this post!
Works has a replacement front shock

my Fournales shock has chit itself.
tried to get somethink orted from Fournales OZ, but after 3 is their reply

1. You can have it repaired by the factory in France. The unit will be as good as new and will be covered by a new 2 year factory warranty. The delay of the turn around from your place to your place will be around 90-100 days. The cost (including freight) to and from France will be around $375.00.

2. You can purchase a new unit which will cost $650.00 including GST. Plus $30.00 for postage, handling and insurance. Please note that we do not have any in stock right now. We are hoping to receive our new shipment in around 60 days. There will be stock available then.

what other front shocks are worth looking at ?
thanks boys


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