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Since we missed the 2015 Maggie Valley GTG, we were not inaugurated into the Crtter Gawking Society.  Today we left the chalet in Gatlinburg and headed to Maggie Valey to search for critters. Could not take 441 out of town as it was closed due to snow and ice. Undaunted we decided to take 321 and head up to route 40 then take 276 to the Valley. After we ate lunch at Apple Andys we headed to the park in search of critters. We had 3 successful sightings.  Here is the first.

Hoping for a honorary CGS membership.

Here are the first turkeys.

Second and last set of turkeys.

You were at WWW WV last summer where it all started. Doesn't that count for something?  :nixweiss:

Probably not.


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