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Those of us who tow, show what'cha tow!

Let's see those beautiful rigs.  I'll start off with mine, then after JC shows his rig, maybe we can generate some real interest!   :D

Here's one of my Bushtec Turbo +2 taken back in March '07, the day I picked her up at the factory in Tennessee.  This was my old Ultra Classic that I totaled in August of '10 with 40k miles on her.  Obviously, I wasn't pulling the trailer at the time.

This photo was taken at Bushtec in 2013 of Billy Midkiff  (I captured the photo from the Bushtec web site).....the guy that I bought my bike and trailer from.

A closeup view...

Room for my wife when she gets a little too crazy!   ;D

This is Dave, my best man at Patty's and my wedding, and one of my lifetime best friends.  That's his wife Kat, who was my wife's Patty's Maid of Honor. 

I was with him in '09 when he picked up this beauty for his '07 Ultra Classic.


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