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Was finally able to get out yesterday and today and put some miles on my 13 Ultra CVO and I noticed a problem. The throttle is sticking! I hit the brake to turn off the cruise and I didn't slow down!

Can I lube this somewhere or do I need a new part? This throttle on this bike has always been kind of glitchie, not real smooth if that makes any sense!


Para Bellum:
With ETC (Electronic Throttle Control), the cables don't need lube like the "old days."  ETC uses a twist grip sensor (TGS) that sends a signal to the throttle control actuator (TCA).  The TCA might be the problem here, and IIRC, the entire induction module has to be replaced if the TCA goes bad.


Had a similar problem on my '12 Road Glide. Had to replace tbw assembly.


Before assuming the worst and replacing the throttle actuator assembly, make sure the twist grip itself isn't dragging/hanging up.  Open the throttle and release the grip, does it snap back to the idle position or does it stick or just slowly return?  Some grips can bind in the switch housing if it's mispositioned, and some of the twist grip sensors in the handlebar have also had sticking issues.  In other words, do some diagnostics before just replacing parts.


i'm not so sure that your throttle is the problem.  in your op you describe hitting the brake and your cruise not disengaging.  with the tbw, when you engage the cruise control, your throttle grip will go back to the zero position.  the cruise does not hold the throttle grip in the open position.

there are 4 ways to disengage your cruise control:  foot brake, hand brake, clutch, throttle roll forward, and of course completely turning it off.  do any of the other ways work?


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