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Comfortable seat for 2006 SEFB

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Mark Rioux:
Hello all....I am new to this forum and new 2006 SEFB owner.   Bike is beautiful with just 2600 miles on it and well cared for by its previous owner.   My only issue to date is with the thin and uncomfortable seat.  Looks damm good but after some miles, forget it.   Now this bike as we all know is the first with 200 rear.   I have called Ultimate as I have used their seats before.   Nothing.   Dealer, well geeze, I dont know.  Mustang is even confused.??   Really?   Cant be this hard.   So who is using what????  I get lower back pain and really want something nice.   Thanks in advance.    Mark

I went to the Harley "sundowner," ruined the look, but much more comfortable.

Mark Rioux:
I believe I may choose the Mustang 79530 with detachable backrest along with the accomp 79531 passenger seat.   The staff were very helpful.  In particular, she personally rides a soft tail convertible which uses the same frame as mine and loves her 17 1/2 inch wide seat.   Cant wait for it to come.   Yes, the factory potato chip trimmed in chrome is the best look, but .....  I may have a local shop look at seat to recover with more support, yet keep chrome.    Slaves to the chrome...haha...

Years ago there were threads about reworking the original. Hence keeping the chrome. A shop named "alligator Bob" was discussed as topshelf for that work.

Mark Rioux:
Ok the following are good looking seats...51845-08 and 52271-09.   These are off of 2008 and 2009 SE springers respecively...It appears that they can be made to fit my girl.   Any opinions???    the 08 must be attatched at rear on Sissy bar.   Ok...some complications when removing quick backrest and seat, but not huge.   Thoughts and opinions????   I really like the look of the 09.  Buffalo insert in center over color combo on 08 but I could have redone.   


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