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New rear fender and bags on 04 B/B SEEG!!

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New rear fender and bags to give my old SEEG a rear-end lift!!! I was originally thinking about selling it to purchase a newer SE Street Glide, but I just can't part with the old bike!!!  Joe at Xtreme Dimension ordered all of my parts and painted them to match, he also added a little extra design to the top of the rear fender to make it stand out!! Joe did a GREAT job and I highly recommend him to anyone that might be interested in a custom paint job, or for any type of CVO paint matching! 

One more pic!! I have the stock bags, lids and rear fender available if someone has any damaged parts that need to be changed out.

Looks great . nice job

Looks great. .  Now. I miss my Ole 04. . Love it.   :2vrolijk_21:

Very nice!!!!

Ride Safe,


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