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jim vanderlinde:
I just bought my first Harley Davidson. A 06 cvo fat boy. Included is quick release sissy bar and wind shield 1800.00 Vance and Hines high curve pipes. 800.00 quick release saddle bags and new tires. It's in perfect shape. Couldn't find a single flaw 10,000 miles .  Paid $14,500 .   how did I do? 

Congrats on the new to you bike  :2vrolijk_21:

It doesn't matter how anyone thinks you did on price as long as your satisfied with the deal. Which color did you get?


sounds  Good!    Very Nice Bike  only 2 years of CVO  Fatboys.    :2vrolijk_21:

                                 :huepfenjump3:      :worthless:      :huepfenjump3:

Nice !!! I had an 05 and loved it.


also had an '05 lot of fun the only problem with it was the brushed metal clear coating would get rock chips and then the exposed metal would rust . I might suggest you look into getting some 3M plastic film to cover the front fender and perhaps the under side of the gas tank.


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