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Joining the Shark club!!

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Well as I stated in another thread I was seriously contemplating the switch from a batwing to a sharknose especially after seeing in person the color and trim offerings for 2018 on my long anticipated SESG upgrade. After seeing the badazz new offerings of the new 2018 CVO Roadglides, I read a lot of info. on this site as I usually do when researching all things Harley. Since the motivation was there I called and arranged for a test ride on a 2018 Road Glide Special (no CVOs in the neighborhood yet) yesterday. This was also my first time on a M8 but not my first Road Glide. I had ridden a 2006  in the past. When I showed up we put the windsplitter windshield on it and off I went. I really liked the bike, a lot, except for some of the things that all the new bikes lack, in this case the power difference was huge (my 2011 SESG has a 113 kit that runs pretty strong), no rider back rest or highway pegs and the seat wasn't much to write home about, but I knew about all of this going in so no surprises there. After a nice long ride on some beautiful twisties up Chuckanut Dr. (google it) and the ride back On I-5 at speeds from 60 to about 90 I was sold on the Road Glide. So I rolled back in to the dealership with the low fuel light on and asked my good buddy Jeff what he had coming in and when. He said he had a CVO Road Glide FLTRXSE Black Earth & Vivid Black due in sometime in November. We talked numbers for a few minutes, shook hands, I left a deposit and headed out to enjoy the rest of the day on my trusty SESG.


 welcome to the Sharks!  Good luck with your purchase.   :2vrolijk_21:

good deal  :2vrolijk_21: waiting to hear your thoughts after you get some miles on the new RG .... shark vs bat

Welcome to shark club.

Great choice!! I really believe that once you go shark.  It's really hard to go back. .  Even though there was no cvo rg in 17. Some bought street glides. . They didn't want to wait but maybe wanted the new motor.  I think some might be sorry they didn't wait.  I'm not going back.  That I will say. . Congrats on the new ride.  Engoy. . Stuart.


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