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Any one trailer a springer?

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I just pulled the trigger on a 2007 cvo softail springer.    Now I have to go 500 miles to get it.   I plan on trailering it back and have a good bike trailer.   Question is how do you tie down a springer?   Any one done this?   Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.   I know, why not ride it.   I am bringing it back to Michigan in October and I have gotten a little smarter with age.   8)

See attached, BOOM!!

I saw that after I made the post.   My concern is he is strapping on chrome.   The cvo springer has paint instead of chrome where the strap is.  Am I being overly cautious?   

This is how I strapped mine down, and no, I do not think you are being overly cautious. I actually went to an open parts house near where I was at, bought 4 large chamois and folded up as protection between the strap and the paint on both the forks and the frame strapping locations. My trailer ride was 200 miles (flat tire on a sunday) and had no signs of paint damage when I got home.

If you dont have one, I would invest in a front wheel lock or at least two pieces of channel that that will help hold the front end straight during your long drive/haul. I'm not sure how your roads are but Oklahoma roads play hell on keeping the front wheel straight with no support. (see attached) I bought a cheap one at harbor freight and it works great.

Good luck with getting the new bike, looking forward to some pics.

I like the chamois idea.   I will pick up 4 tomorrow.   I do have a front wheel chock similar in design to yours mounted on my trailer.   Thanks much for the info.   It helps a lot.   When I get bike home I will post pictures.   


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