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Rebuild time

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75000 miles. Hope i remember where all the pieces go! Things i noticed on disassembly. Rocker box bolts loose not all but most. No orings in the umbrella vents. Came from factory this way. Sludge in oil pan. Had about 1/2” in pan not sure why always changed oil by 5000 miles. Pistons looked great. Not much carbon but a it was ready i think valve stem seals leaky

Sorry Van, that first image was making me motion sick.... :puke:

That's better.   

Ok, this'll be exciting to watch come back together.   :drummer:

Thanks i never get the picture thing right!


--- Quote from: VANAMAL on February 10, 2018, 10:25:56 PM ---Thanks i never get the picture thing right!

--- End quote ---

Van, hold the phone sideways when you take the picture......then it'll post right side up.


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