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I just picked up my 05 SEEG and love it!!! Wondering what the consensus is for aftermarket pipes, cams, intake ect.

Thanks and great site!! [smiley=xyxthumbs.gif]

hd-dude welcome to the site.   This place is full of a lot of information on your bike.  I'd suggest by going through the pages of topics right here in the Electra Glide Discussion.....looking for topics of interest to you.

Here's a link that you can start with.  It was a real popular link when our bikes were all new, last year.......;action=display;num=1072508181

and here is another good one to review........;action=display;num=1082739096

Those two should get you runnin....hope they help.


I have an 03 SE 103". At present Engine is in Phoenix at SBC, they have machined and ported the heads. Going gear Drive with Andrews 55G Cams, Baker Six Speed. Pipes either V&H Pro Pipe which was on my 95" build or stay with V&H True Duals c/w V&H Ovals, whichI also ran on the 95".

That is basically all I am going to do, want to have dependable strong engine for around town and highway cruising. Bike is and 03 road Glide.



--- Quote ---hd-dude welcome to the site.
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hd-dude I gorgot to ask......where are you at in Cali?  I'm in Sac.

Geezerglide, of course, we want to see the dyno sheet, when it's all done.  That setup sounds interesting to me.


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