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Trying to decide on a motor

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I got a 03 roadglide had the motor built a couple years ago. made her a 103  with a 50 mm throttle body se heads 257 cams it mad 107 hp and 116 tq. road only highway and on trips never beat her but my cam bearing came apart and took out the whole motor.
So the dealership wants $6300 to rebuild her. or $4500 for a long block use my se heads and buy new cams on top of that for another 103 or $5200 plus installation for a SE 120st. I no I wont bother rebuilding the same motor again. so which way do you think I should go?
John A. Gonzales

I’d go with the 120

Para Bellum:
S&S 124 LC is probably more reliable than the 120 st.

Another vote for S&S, reusing the same Harley stuff that has burnt you once is the definition of insanity.

I like the S&S too but unfortunately I am dealing with a dealership I haven't heart any hooror stories about the street tuned 120 like I heard about the 120r


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