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Any 03 SERK Owners Still Active on This Forum?

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Are there any 03 SERK owners still active here on the forum?

Farm boy:
We have one

I have one and it is the best engine (SE 103) I ever had with other features the newer CVO's don't have. It feels like a sport bike compared to my 15 FLTRUSE. The Road Glide is much better in other ways and especially on 600 mile days.
There is a 03 SERK on display at the Peterson Museum in California. Although Harley builds a anniversary model every 5 years this 100 year anniversary model is special to me.

I'm riding a 03 SERK, liked them when they came out in 2003 and picked one up 5 years ago.

Ressurecting an old post.....yes, there are a few of us '03 SERK riders still around.   In my case, just haven't frequented the forum for a few months.   For those that are contemplating total shoulder replacement...note that it takes all the fun out of you for a while.   Now waiting for spring & riding season to get here to see how well I can hold the bike up.

Have thought several times about getting a newer ride, but whenever I look at this pristine gold masterpiece, I just can't seem to bring myself to pulling the trigger.   Its been a reliable ride since new in December 2003 with simple/general maintenance......and it still turns heads. 


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