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Chrome Inner Primary Cover


I'm picking up an 06 CVO Fat Boy.  It has some areas on the silver inner primary where the paint has come off.  Instead of pulling the inner and getting it painted, I would like to try a bolt on chrome cover first and see how it looks.  It sure is possible that I missed it, but I can't seem to find one to fit this model.  Anybody using one and, if so, do you like it and do you know the manufacturer and part number?  Thanks.

Harley has one in the catalog/online for $159.95.

I looked at HD online and I did see a few, but the ones that I saw didn't list the bike as one that it fits.  I then called HD up and it was like speaking to someone that was just filling in for somebody's lunch break.  Anyway, I did find one made by Kuryakyn.  Some sites said it would fit, some said it wouldn't.  It will be here Monday.  If it doesn't fit, I'll send it back.  Thanks for your reply.

Pretty simple on Just chose shop by bike, put your exact model in and the part you want. I used your cvo fat boy & it popped right up. No reason it wouldn't fit.


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