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Our Kings Harley:
04 Electra Glide 103 CVO  115000 miles...
Almost impossible to get to Neutral while running...Thought maybe fluid might be low or something, yeah not an expert. Anyway, wasn't low but it was dirty. I flushed it, pushed bled it and it feels the same...
Oh and all my goggles and youtubes point to Dot 4 but my reservoir covers say Dot 5 am I ok with Dot 5?

04's used DOT 5, switch DOT 4 in 05. Does the bike want to walk forward when at idle in gear with the clutch in?


If the clutch is dragging (not releasing completely) it will be difficult to find neutral and you will likely also have a heavy clunk when going into first gear.  Getting ALL the air out of the hydraulic system is critical, and that is much harder with DOT 5 fluid due to the nature of silicone based brake fluids.  Any agitation of the fluid during the fill process can and will trap air that is very slow to migrate and separate so it can be bled out.  You may need to bleed the system several times with a rest period between each attempt.  If you have access to a pressure bleeder that may be a better option, pumping the lever to do it the old fashioned way often just makes things worse.

There is a simple test to determine if the clutch has sufficient travel of the release rod and pressure plate to fully release the clutch.  If you don't have access to the correct tools, any dealership or good indy shop should be able to help.


Adjust the clutch per the book and see how it works, should be a breeze.


--- Quote from: Chains on September 04, 2018, 02:21:22 PM ---Adjust the clutch per the book and see how it works, should be a breeze.

--- End quote ---

04 SEEG had hydraulic clutch.  No adjustment.


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