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Saddlebag bolts

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Hey guys just wondering how you manage to tighten these bolts? Opened my bag and it almost fell off thankful for the strap! Only found 2 bolts so I will order some. But maybe I'm over thinking but there is no way to get a tool in there to tighten these. I'm pretty handy in the garage so don't mind me if I'm just overlooking the solution lol. TiA

I just replaced a saddlebag lid so it’s fresh on my gotta take the strap off and it will articulate in a way that will allow you to tighten them.  It’s really easy once you take the strap loose.  I put my new one on with blue loctite, then went to the other side and put the loctite on them as well.  Just be careful not to overtighten as the bar they screw into only has a couple threads and would probably strip out fairly easily.

Yep....those are loose on a bunch of bikes. Always a few missing when it comes off in your hands

Ya I took the strap off it's still a weird angle. Just need the right tool lol.

Well I got it. The bolts from the dealer were more of a Allen instead of star bit. Still ended up taking the lid off and setting on the table. Much easier to get the angle without having to hold the lid up too Haha. 5 new bolts and it's fixed.


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