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New to me 2010 CVO Convertible. Windshield help.

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I went on a 200 mile ride on my "new to me" 2010 CVO Softail Convertible. I noticed the windshield was going to need an upgrade for longer rides or cooler days. I was researching on Google and I found this topic People were upgrading their fairings with wind deflectors from 2012 fairings. Also adding the 2012 Harley taller windshield or Jurock taller shield. I called 3 different dealers in the area where I live (south east Wisconsin) and all of them told me I could only order parts for the year my vin number gives them for CVO parts. How did everyone else get these deflectors and is it still possible to get them. My other option was going for a batwing fairing but that would need to be painted and in my opinion ruins the "convertible" aspect of the bike. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Also just on a smaller note- has anyone found hard bags that will use the original mounting of the stock bags on this bike? Thanks for any Help!

I did it, Tried to post a pic but the photo was too large or something. Anyway, It really made a difference. There is an old thread on here with the part numbers that I followed. The "Willy Wings" are Not protected parts and can be ordered.   

here it is.

Thanks so much! Actually Your bike was the one pictured in the old thread that made me really want to do it. I called 3 Harley dealerships and they said I couldn't order any parts from a different year cvo. So if I tell them that they aren't protected parts I should be able to order them?

Yes, Actually it would be better to just give them the part numbers listed in the thread and don't even mention "CVO". Order the screws and all 4 pieces.


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