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Upgrading your '14-'16 Assist & Slip Clutch , Improve your clutch engagement!

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Recently, the MoCo had completely replaced the part # for clutch packs in the Assist & Slip clutches on all M8 models. The 110" big twin had this same Assist & Slip clutch installed in model years 2014-2016. This new clutch pack has 10 friction plates and 9 steel plates as compared to the previous clutch pack with 9 friction plates and 8 steel plates. This new clutch pack has thinner friction plates to accommodate the additional steel and friction.

I have compared both of these clutch packs and prelimary measurements and comparison leads me to believe this new part # is completely compatible, even though the MoCo and every single dealer I've dealt with will tell you otherwise.

The clutch pack for '14-'16 110" big twins is 37000118
The "new" high capacity clutch plate kit is 37000258

Similarly to earlier years, the M8 crowd has complained about the clutch engagement position of the assist & slip. We big twin owners know this problem all too well. The clutch level being released at around 90-95% before engagement.

Seems as if the MoCo has listened to their feedback, and in 2019 introduced a new damper seat part # 37000295. M8 owners have been replacing their damper seat with this new part number and are reporting a significant improvement in clutch engagement positiion.

The old damper seat part # 37000036
The new damper seat part # 37000295

You can read more about the damper seat swap on another forum in the M8 section.

I am going to update this post regularly with pictures and progress. I hope that with the replacment of the clutch pack to the high capacity kit and the new damper seat, older model 110" with the assist & slip clutch can FINALLY resolve the clutch engagement issues for good.

Tail Rider:
Looking forward...

I don't really have a problem with my '15, but then again, I may have a problem I'm not aware of. Following along to see the end results.

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I'm not sure it can be considered a problem.  I mean,the clutch does work as intended, I'm just not happy with the engagement point.  I've read that others share this sentiment and without a way to adjust the hydraulic clutch, I'm just hoping this fix can help some people who turn to the forums for answers as I did.

 is it a ''problem'' or is it a '' preference ''   :nixweiss:  on my 13 I changed out the clutch with a bandit and the engagement point was same as stock, for me its a non issue...


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