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Author Topic: Upgrading your '14-'16 Assist & Slip Clutch , Improve your clutch engagement!  (Read 653 times)

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How is this set-up working now, with some miles on it?
Ditto what He said.

I never gave my clutch engagement point much thought until you posted this. Now I find myself questioning the stock setup constantly.

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I should note, it is NOT necessary to change out your clutchpack to install the new damper seat.  I could have simply pulled the plates, installed new damper seat, and put plates back in.  It's the damper seat that changes the clutch engagement position at the lever.
$12 to move the engagement point from 90% to 25% let-out is a bargain, especially if you do the work yourself, and it's an easy job.  Even some of the Bandit clutches had this problem until they redesigned the damper seat (or spring washer or whatever it was).
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