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Author Topic: Valve Seat Pressure  (Read 92 times)

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Valve Seat Pressure
« on: December 07, 2019, 04:52:42 PM »

S&S 640 cam does not list the required seat pressure
Does anyone know what's required for that cam? S&S
Only list one setting for it's high lift Springs.
  Question. If a 650 spring kit is used for a lower lift cam of 600 lift will it lower the seat pressure?
The Powerhouse 595E  cam has a 595 lift but requires a 180 lb seat pressure. It has almost exact same timing as the S&S 640 Cam. Main difference between the two cams is the .045 difference in lift.
To my understanding the higher lift is only helpful at the top end performance . At top dead center there's very little difference.  I hope it is easy on the valve train.

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