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Hi, i have an ultra classic 2011 CVO. I’m facing a real and life risky issue due to overheat especially when i drive up toward the mountains top with lower gear (1rst and 2nd). In 30 mns drive up, i loose control over the foot break and gear clutch. Both became loose to the extent that both became loose and not able to change the gear loosing control over the bike and risking my life as well others around me.

I tried everything to keep the engine at low temp and installed a fan for that but didn’t work. Is there a solution for that? Or simple get rid of it?

Both your brakes and clutch have hydraulic fluid (DOT 4). Try flushing out the old and replacing with fresh fluid. Make sure the air is bled out of all 3 systems properly (front AND rear brakes and clutch).

Let us know if that works for you.

Agree with flushing  both systems. Old fluid boiling point temps lower and that matches your description

A little difficult to decipher with your misuse of loose and lose. I ride mountains a lot, I don't see why you're in 1st gear. I also don't see why you're using your rear brake so much.

In addition to flushing, it might be good to take an advanced rider's course.


The clutch is hydraulically actuated, just like the brakes.  It sounds like your clutch and brake fluid is getting too hot, which causes the fluid to boil.  As noted by others, you first need to have the brake fluid completely flushed and replaced with fresh top quality DOT4 fluid.  Once you have the fluid situation corrected, you need to shield the clutch and rear brake lines where they run near the exhaust system, to try to keep the fluid temperatures under control.



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