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Comfort seats


Have an 06 Electra glide cvo without stock seat.was wondering if any body knows part #'s for comfort seats that would be good for the wife. See some decent used ones on eBay just don't know part numbers for fit

Sundowner's are good - I have one for my Springer when my wife want to come for a ride. The below links fit yours:

Here is another one that looks good (and by its name should be comfortable)

I agree with the Hammock. I put one on my 06 about 5 years ago, no more "Hot Spots"!
Wife likes it too, when she wants to come along.

I like both the Sundowner and Hammock.  I had a Sundowner on the '12 and put almost 30K on it and the Hammock was stock on the '15 and put 21K on that.

One thing I noticed on the Hammock, after about a hundred miles in the saddle, the seat settled some and confined the "boys" a bit.  It would reset after a break but if you get right back on it, it took less time settle and back confining.  It was never uncomfortable but made me have to move around some which I never had on the Sundowner....just something to consider.

Both of those seats were great for my sweetie on all day in the saddle rides... :2vrolijk_21:

I bought the Sundowner used here on the site for pennies on the dollar so comfortable and inexpensive.

Another thing to consider on a 2006 is the George Anderson Tour Pak relocation bracket to move it back and give the passenger more room.


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